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Bruce Carlton Lawson - Redskins #1 Fan

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Bruce Lawson
January 2, 1954 Ė March 3, 2009

Loudon High School lost their number one fan Tuesday as Bruce Lawson passed away. Bruce lived his whole life in Loudon and for Loudon. He was involved in all sports at Loudon High School. It didnít matter what sports team it was, to Bruce, they were still Redskins and he was there to support them. He was in attendance at over 2/3 of the football games in Loudon history, keeping statistics for the team in most of those. He missed only 1 game in the last 507. He had knee surgery and was unable to attend. However, he listened to the game on the radio, kept stats, and called the station at the end of the game and gave his stats over the radio. Most people didnít even know he was not there. He kept books for basketball and baseball, and only missed a game to go scout an upcoming opponent. Bruce was well known among coaches and by most of the referees all around East Tennessee. Bruce will be greatly missed by the Loudon High School family. There are not many true fans like Bruce Lawson. Bruce signed a poster of himself last week that will be hung in the trophy case. He wrote "Redskin Forever" beside his name. Thatís exactly how Bruce will be remembered.

There will be a memorial in the Loudon High School gymnasium from 1pm-2pm on Saturday, March 7. I know many of you know Bruce but will be unable to attend. If you would reply to this post, we will print it off and bring it to the memorial. Bruce would be very pleased to know the outpour of respect that he has received from opposing coaches and referees.

Coach Collins



Sad day in 4AA and East TN for HS basketball fans/refs/coaches/etc with the passing of Bruce Lawson. He was a legend! So glad I got to see and spend some time with him at the district tourney recently. He lived and breathed Loudon sports and there aren't too many who don't think of Bruce and crack a smile. His resounding voice always had a sense of compassion and friendship toward the people he saw at each of the venues Loudon traveled to. You just got the sense that Bruce would do anything and everything he could for you and at the same time for any involved with the Redskins. His two bits cheer would always cause a glance from the opposing teams huddle during a TO and it was a special occasion when Bruce showed up to scout your game. You just knew you were Big-Time. His voice and patented one-arm hugs will be missed by many throughout this side of the state. He was always a fond topic of conversation during district and region meeetings when discussing the Hospitality Room. Bruce was bigger than life and I'm sure he is in a better place and finally resting in peace. Once after he implemented a box-n-one strategy to thwart an undefeated JV season, I could hear him roaring across the gym,"Wallace, you know it a'int personal. You still like me don'tcha?" Of course, Bruce we all love you and will miss you dearly......

Coach Wallace-AC Mavs



Bruce was no question a high school sports legend that deserves to be inducted into the TSSAA Hall of Fame as a Contributor. When I began broadcasting Loudon Football games in 1998, Bruce gave me an introduction to Loudon History. He wrote down from memory the record of every Loudon football season for the last 30 years, and wrote some note of significance from each year. He was always a part of the broadcast crew as the stat man. He kept his stats from the sideline on a yellow pad, and they were always right on the money. When Bruce had surgery and had to miss his only football game, he kept the stats off the radio broadcast and called us at halftime and after the game and did his summary. The coaches said that after checking the film his stats were only 1 yard off from the actual total. Simply amazing. When I returned to Fulton, Bruce always told me that I had the wrong color shirt on. His blood was Loudon Red. He was a walking encyclopedia of high school sports. I'm sure someone could write a whole book of Bruce stories. He is a legend and will be missed.

Russell Mays



Mazy thank you for posting this about Bruce. I know how much he meant to you over the years and too all the Loudon coaches. I was one of the lucky ones who got to be a part of the Loudon family and have Bruce do the stats for my two Loudon teams. As I reflect back on those two years now I can give a humble smile knowing that I got to be around a legend. So many stories could be told of Bruce Lawson. I'll never forget after a loss to AE, Bruce coming over to apologize and give me the hand shake like he did before and after every game. Bruce in his legendary voice said "sorry Shane but you know I got call this in....I'm sorry!" AE had just dropped 100 points on us and Bruce was apologizing for calling the score into the paper. I was able to see Bruce just recently at the Loudon and Gibbs girlsí game and I'm so thankful for that last hand shake and half hug. I have so many memories of Loudon and Bruce in my two short years at Loudon. It was two of the happiest years of my life being around Jackie Lefler, Mr. B, Coach Collins, Scott Mackintosh, Ms. Chihasz, the history department and of course the heart of Loudon Sports - Bruce Lawson.
Chill I must agree a coach or program wasn't big time till Bruce pulled out the two bits late in the fourth qtr on you or was seen caring that yellow note pad to scout you. I remember Bruce actually pulling out two bits twice on your Mavs during one game and we know how much he loved scouting you!
I must confess my biggest win as a coach in the 4AA championship game came from a Bruce Lawson scouting report.
Loudon sports and it's players have such a strong sense pride and passion, they give all they've got. What an example Bruce was to past and future Redskins. He never took a day off and gave the town of Loudon all he had!
"Redskins Forever" says it all!

Coach Shane Wells



I am so sorry to hear about Bruce passing. He will be sorely missed. I graduated with Bruce class of '72. I don't think I ever heard anyone utter one negative thing about him. I know he is now in the arms of Jesus but I'm sure he will still be a Redskin Fan in Heaven. My sincere sympathy to the entire family. I am sorry that I will not be able to attend the memorial but my thoughts and prayers will be with you. God bless you all.

Larry Arp Class of '72



I'm hoping that Bruce gets to eat at Peddler's every night now! I'll miss you my friend.

Harold Amburn



Bruce was the spirit of LHS athletics and his dedication and memory will live on thru all who ever was lucky enough to have known him and his love of LHS sports. He was my friend, and whenever he saw me, he would always ask me how my kids were doing. He always knew how to energize a crowd with his famous 2 bits, 4 bits cheer. Bruce you were/are the ULTIMATE LHS fan.

Ted Sitzlar



Sorry to hear of Bruce's passing. He always had great things to say about LHS athletics and those involved as well as folks in general. I know he will be truly missed.

Roy Paul Hodge


Bruce will be greatly missed at those sporting events at LHS!! I went to church with him all my life he would always say "HEY SUZIE Q!! He never missed a moment to make someone laugh! May God Bless! You are now the GREATEST CHEERLEADER OF ALL!!! May he always lead his famous cheer!

Suzan Hesse-Wilson



Byron and family, I send my condolences and greatest sympathy for the loss of your brother. It has been many years as we went to grade school together, but I do remember Bruce. God Bless you during this time and know when you turn to the Lord, he will provide you the most comfort.

Alyce March Todd



Sorry to hear about Bruce. I was in the band when Mr. Lawson was director. Bruce was always such a great fan of the sports programs. I know he will be greatly missed at the sporting events as well as around Loudon. Sorry for your loss.

Betty Ruth Harrison Baker



Very Sad. As a long time supporter of McMinn Central athletics, our paths crossed numerous times over the years. Always a class act. Will never forget in 1995 when Central upset the Redskins in the first round of the play-offs, he was so kind, helpful and complimentary after the game. Helped us out when we did not have the resources to do some post game stats. All of us involved in high school athletics could learn much from his example. My thoughts and prayers to his family and his extended Redskin family.

Old Warhorse



My heart goes out to the Loudon Community. Bruce visited Red Bank from time to time to see Coach Daniels and Cobble and was a pleasure to have known. He truly loved Loudon.

Coach Moore

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