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Loudon Quarterback Club Policies


  • Parents, players, and cheerleaders will be asked once a year to participate in a fund-raising program to support the club. As this organization is non-profit and receives no federal, state, or local grants of any kind, the annual fund-raiser is a must. It is hoped that all will participate.
  • The program should not be mistaken for a child-against-child or a family-against-family competition. The annual fund-raiser is not a competition; it is a way to keep the club in business.
  • There is no maximum limit of children who may qualify for the "top prize." If the top prize for selling X amount of whatever's being sold is, let's say, a Loudon Quarterback Club school backpack, and fifty children sell X amount; then all fifty children will win the backpack. The prize is not limited in quantity nor simply to the child who sells X amount and gets his or her money turned in first. Getting funds turned in first is of no advantage to any child.
  • Deadline. There is a deadline by which families must have funds turned in in order to qualify for certain prizes. Depending upon weather or other circumstances, the deadline may be postponed. If so, this will be communicated to parents via this website or some other means.

Players Code of Conduct

  • Show respect to coaches.
  • Follow instructions from coaches.
  • No foul language or use of tobacco products.
  • Accept disciplinary actions from their coaches such as running laps, doing sit-ups, push-ups, etc.
  • Refrain from fighting or taunting of other teams or participants or any other unsportsmanlike conduct.
  • Exhibit good sportsmanship both on and off the field.
  • Abide by all conference rules.
  • Offenders are subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from the team and expulsion from the Loudon Quarterback Club for the remainder of the season.

Parents Code of Conduct

  • Show good sportsmanship at all times.
  • Support the children of the Loudon Quarterback Club.
  • Refrain from foul language.
  • Smoking only in designated areas.
  • Parents are responsible for the equipment that has been issued to their children participating in the Loudon Quarterback Club.  All equipment must be turned in by the Saturday following the last game.  Failure to do so will require billing in the amount of $200.00 for replacement of the equipment.
  • Offenders are subject to dismissal and/or expulsion form the LQBC.

Practice Information

  • Practice begins on ____________________ (first week no pads)
  • Practice times are Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. unless otherwise notified.
  • NO practice on Labor Day.
  • Practice Halloween TBA
  • Please do not drop off your children for practice without someone (other than a coach) to look after them.

Excused Absences

  1. School Activities
  2. Illness (doctor note)
  3. Death in family

Grievance Procedure

All team problems should be discussed and addressed with the team coach first.  Next a grievance may be submitted by any club member in writing to a member of the executive board.  The grievance will then be addressed within five days upon receipt.


Volunteers are a very vital part of the club.  Please donate your time and help to the many different functions of the club for our youth.  Some areas of need are:

  • Maintenance

  • Lining the field

  • Chain Gang

  • Mowing and weed eating

  • Clean up after games

  • Bathroom detail

  • Concession help

  • Empty trash

  • Gate and Parking

Your help in any area is greatly appreciated!